We are defined by our values:

We strongly believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms lives. We believe that our worship is reflected by the acts we make to empower others.

We recognize that how we carry out our mission and the way we collaborate with others is vital as what we want to accomplish. Honesty in all our work is as important as our mission

We recognize the magnitude of our mission and are committed to remain accountable to our initial motive – spreading acts of love through actions that impact lives. We hold transparency of how we run our activities dear to our heart.

Our mission is to bring change in one’s life through act of love that results in life changing actions- Honoring the memory of Estelle Gakunzi.

To empower and inspire people to engage in actions that change their lives. Heart of Worship in Action Foundation seeks to unlock the potential inside the less fortunate people, especially youth, victims of sexual abused, single parents and orphans in Rwanda and DR Congo.



How Foundation Official Launch in Toronto.

After its incorporation, How foundation organized a public official launch in Toronto on November 23,2019. The event marked both the first officially organized event and a moment to reflect after one-year Willy and the girls started a new journey. In his keynote address, Mr. Gakunzi the founder at How foundation, presented the vision, mission of the foundation, and he explained to the attendees the origin and the future and strategy of the organization.

Dr. Titi discussed, from medical standpoint,

Dr. Titi discussed, from medical standpoint, the negative impact sexual abuse has on different aspect of the victim’s life. Consequences include but not limited to, financial, spiritual, mental and physical. Dr. Titi also stressed the importance of helping people that have go through this tragic experience.

Miss Rwanda 2015, Kundwa Doriane, Spoke from a youth standpoint,

Miss Doriane, from youth standpoint, discussed three points to consider in the process of empowering youth, including economic aspect, Self-worth awareness and spiritual aspect. Any imbalance in these three areas might have impact the results of Youth empowerment.

Worship Leader, Singer and Song Writer Gentil Misigaro Worshiped with us.

The event was also featured with the presence of Gentil Misigaro who led the participants in a powerful moment of corporate worship. Gentil Misigaro is a Canadian gospel artist based in Vancouver, whose songs have touched many people across the globe.

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