Heart of Worship in Action Foundation is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing funds and training to youth and less fortunate people in Rwanda and DR Congo. We believe that regardless of where you live and the life conditions you might be in, when you have direct access to capital and adequate skills set, you can take actions that will change the course of your life for good. Heart of Worship in Action Foundation focuses on providing supports through acts of love to the less privileged and helping them to acquire life-changing skills regardless of their background.

Heart of Worship in Action foundation is on mission to unlock, empower, prepare, fund and launch youth and less fortunate led enterprises in Rwanda and DR Congo. Our goals are axed around three areas of actions

Empowering youth

Heart of Worship in Action seeks to empower youth through business startups and talent development. In collaboration with our partners on ground, we form a “WE-group” of at least two young people and maximum four, targeting those who are head of households. We listen to their needs and talents and empower them to map their priorities to work towards concrete action plan. After identifying their talents, Heart of Worship in Action Foundation provides them skills development and funds to start their business. The group is mentored for a period of one year after which they become co-trainers to new groups

Unlock potential inside less fortunate

Heart of Worship in Action Foundation and partners reach out to community leaders to identify orphans, widows/widowers or victims of sexual violence that are in dire needs. After identification phase we group one individual from each category from the same community and form a “WE-group”. Together with the WE-group members, Heart of Worship in Action Foundation and partners map their priorities and put together an action plan. After a thorough business plan, Heart of Worship in Action Foundation provides them skills development and funds to start their business. The group is mentored for a period of one year after which they become co-trainers to new groups. We also work with counselling specialist to provide professional assistance to “WE-group” members that are victims of sexual violence.

Conducting an annual “Worship Conference in action

Heart of Worship in Action Foundation strongly believe in the power of knowledge. The Foundation organizes an annual business, talent and expertise development to equip the targeted foundation’s audience and other participants in their respective fields of expertise. Heart of Worship in Action Foundation seeks to be a key contributor of knowledge sharing in countries where it operates. The conference concludes with a worship in action session to mobilize different actors to engage in acts of love. The entirety outcome of the conference is then invested in the operational and funding goals of the Foundation.

Estelle and Willy Gakunzi, the founder of Heart of Worship in Action Foundation are parents of two beautiful daughters; they both engaged youth and people around them to engage in life changing actions. In Estelle’s absence, Willy carries on the torch.

Mr. Gakunzi holds a master’s degree in International Economics and Business from University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. By profession, Mr. Gakunzi acts as a Specialize Consulting Manager and Project Manager at Wolters Kluwer with extensive experience working and advising financial institutions around the globe. Mr. Gakunzi helps financial institutions to find ways to navigate through the complexities around risk and finance data in order to comply to their finance & risk, compliance and regulatory reporting requirements. In addition to raising two daughters and being a full time professional, Mr. Gakunzi is also a song writer and a worship leader. He’s led and founded worship teams around globe. Mr. Gakunzi is a strong believer in the gospel of Jesus that transforms lives. Mr. Gakunzi motivation is to empower people, especially youth and those that are less fortunate to unlock potential inside them and change the course of their lives

Heart of Worship in Action Foundation federally incorporated in 2019, is a Canadian based non-profit organization. The organization finds its origin in a story of love between two young people, Estelle and Willy, with a shared dream of spreading the “acts “of love.


Estelle and Willy Gakunzi met in the Netherlands in the year 2004. After the first encounter they immediately fell in love and started dating. After 5 years of courtship they joined in marriage and were blessed with two beautiful daughters. Estelle and Willy shared two passions – worship and loving people. They wrote songs together and sang in the same choir. Throughout their life together, they engaged in spreading love actions towards empowering young people, refugees, victims of sexual violence and abused women.

In all the countries Estelle and Willy lived, The Netherlands, Belgium and Canada, they were blessed to have loving people around them which allowed them to even pursue their passions further.


On November 8th, 2018, the unexpected happened and Estelle was taken to the other side of the eternity. A sudden departure that left Willy and their two girls, Kayla and Shayna crushed but not heartbroken. Since that day, God has put a vision to Willy’s heart to launch this foundation in honoring Estelle’s loving memory. There is no better way to celebrate and honor Estelle’s well lived life than perpetuating her heart of worship in action. We have this deep conviction that through this foundation many lives will be touched and changed for the better.

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